The New Innergy Salon

The New Innergy Salon brings together international women and men in a private setting to share expertise and interests, learn from those of others, make friends, eat well, grow your insight, grow yourself, and grow your network in meaningful ways.

Social, and thoughtful, gatherings held in ‘gezellig’ venues in Amsterdam, each Salon features a theme presented by a Special Guest around which the group shares real stories, perspective and experience through open, heartfelt conversations, while enjoying a delicious dinner and good wine.

This culture of storytelling stimulates reflection, interpretation and meaning.
Held in English, but with room to share in your own language, the Salon covers a wide scope of topics that reflects the diversity of our society, and the multiple facets of our own selves.

Attendance is by invitation only

The New Innergy Salon
The Collective
The Commissary